Pegasus® Kostolny Snaffle Bridle

Hand-made double bridle Pegasus® Kostolany from twice waxed bridle leather, double-stitched and hand-crafted. This beautiful bridle boasts a  wide and softly padded poll area spreads the pressure and protects the sensitive area behind the ears.
The well-known expert for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Prof. Dr. Chen Zhang YI, developed a vegetable extract that is integrated in the padding of the head-piece  It enhances the horse's feeling of well being and balance. 

    • Patent Leather: Black
    • Cheek pieces are equipped with hooks.
    • Size/Length: Warmblood or Thoroughbred
    • Cavesson: Flash or Crank
    • Reins: 150 cm soft LEMICO® reins
    • Browband: Stainless Steel / Enamel-ceramics


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