Pegasus® Uta Gräf Double Bridle

The Pegasus® Uta Gräf Double Bridle is double waxed, purely vegetable tanned;. the seams are sewn with two needles by hand.

The Bridle impresses with its elegant patent leather elements on noseband and headband that is also finished with white crystals.

  • There is extra soft padding which forms a guide for the neck strap.
  • The cheek pieces are adjusted by means of hooks. Supplied with 2 pairs LEMICO® reinsl in length 150 cm.
  • Color:  Black with maroon patent leather elements on the forehead
  • Cavesson: Crank

Prof. Dr. Chen Zhang YI, expert of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has developed a herbal extract that promotes balance and satisfaction of the horse in a gentle way. It is incorporated in the neck cushion. 

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