High Tech 3 in 1 Cool Heat Winter Combo Blanket

Suggested Retail $276
Now Only $129.00

This is a blanket no owner should be without. Not only will you save time, but, you will save money also. Most important you will have a healthy, happy horse!

Imagine no more hassles of putting on and taking off multiple blankets!
Your horse can regulate its own body temperature preventing overheating and chills caused by fluctuating weather conditions simply by wearing this blanket.  
On a day that unexpectedly warms up your horse can sweat freely under the Cool Heat blanket.

Muddy horse?  You can blanket a wet muddy horse and watch the mud dry and fall away (unless you have better things to do)

Save time and use this blanket after bathing your horse! After your horse is sparkling clean (but not dry) its hair can effectively lift, engaging the natural wicking action, which helps prevent chills and skin conditions. The Cool Heat blanket allows air to circulate over the entire body resulting in healthier skin. 

Great for events also!  Use during and after competition to keep horse warm or cool.

This is a great time saver. Now you will be a healthy, happy owner with plenty of time on your hands! 

  • 100% Waterproof/Breathable
    1200 Denier Rip Stop Outer Shell
    Massaging Flexible Insulators
    Generous Shoulder Darts
    Larger Tail Guard
    Double Buckle Closures
    Hook & Loop Closure at the Chest
    Body Contour Fit

Personalize your blanket! 

All sales are final. No returns. No exchanges. 

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