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Hi, I am Ron Friedson. I take pride in fitting a rider with the perfect saddle and tack. I will go out of my way to assure you are 100% happy. I am always available and will answer the phone personally when you call. You will never have to deal with an automated response.

I do business old school. If you have a problem with your saddle a year down the road I will be there to help.


"He will not sell you anything you do not need for the sake of a sale.
Very honest and truly cares about you and your horse." Daniel, Texas.

  • Saddle Designer
  • Expert rider and trainer
  • Specialist in hard to fit horses
  • Top saddle designer and fitter in the world
  • Equiscan partner
  • Multiple patent holder for helmet and saddle technology

Ron Friedson is considered one of the top saddle designers, and fitters in North America, and in fact throughout the world.
With an extensive background of teaching and training horses and riding instructors, Ron provides expert saddle advice. You are getting advice not just from a saddle salesperson, but an expert rider and trainer who can help you pick out the right saddle for your specific needs.

Ron Friedson grew up working at his family’s farm and tack store. His family owned and operated the legendary “Tack Room” in Fairfield County Connecticut when it was the epicenter of the horse community in the northeast. Ron started working in his father’s tack shop at age 5 sweeping floors, literally learning the trade from the ground up.

He later studied under a German saddler and a Colombian saddler, trained in England.
Spent years traveling the world educating himself about leathers and saddles from the best.

Ron is a specialist in hard to fit horses and riders

Ron patented his first saddle designs in his early 20's. He currently holds multiple patents for his saddle technology, including the advanced flexible tree that is part of his line of Pegasus jumping and dressage saddles. The German company dt saddlery GmbH design & technik is the sole patentee of the Butterfly®-technology, which is used particularly in the saddle Collections of Monty Roberts, Uta Gräf, Michael Putz, Thomas Mühlbauer, Kirsten Jung and Claudia.

An independent saddle designer, his designs have been made in saddle factories all over the world.

Currently, Ron is involved in several industry-related ventures, such as manufacturing riding helmets and providing saddles and other riding gear, which are used by major corporations, theme parks, urban department stores, and well-known interior designers and decorators nationwide.

Rider and Trainer
Ron has been teaching and training horses and riders and designing saddles for over 40 years He knows that each rider wants the perfect saddle and will go out of his way to provide just that.

Operates multiple websites and a smaller Tack Room

He likes to keep hands-on as a riding instructor and trainer to continually inspire his concepts for saddle design and fitting


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Saddle designer Ron Friedson provides in-depth analysis of the art and science of saddle fit for both horse and rider.
He tells us how to fit hunter/jumper, dressage, and western saddles.
 He navigates through the seemingly endless options in saddle design available in today’s marketplace, focusing on those options that will guide riders to the saddle that will help make them safe, comfortable, and effective on their horses.

A very detailed saddle fitting video with Mouse Hole Farm Productions and Dr. Wade Tenney of Tufts University.

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I recommend this video to every rider. Just when you think you know all there is to know about saddles Ron starts talking! Jeffrey R. Trainer


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