The Pegasus Difference



Why your horse (and you) need Pegasus® Technology: For his/her comfort and improved athletic performance!

Pegasus® Technology saddles are more comfortable for your horse!

In a traditional saddle, your horse is effectively trying to lift you when it collects and engages the hind end. 
In a Pegasus® saddle, its unique hinged system allows it to flex, giving your horse extra freedom and back motion. 
When collecting the front end, the center of the tree, where you sit, stays correctly lined up.  The flexible hinges on the tree allow the rest of the saddle to mold correctly to your horse’s Trapezius muscles, and at each step, they allow it to flex as need on each side. Fitting your horse’s shoulders, allowing more shoulder room when lifting the front end, makes it easier to  collect and engage the hind end as well. With this design, your horse can move each side separately, without having to lift your weight as well.  
This is great for the comfort and performance for all horses, and especially for those with uneven backs and shoulders, short backs, kissing spine and hock/stifle or back issues.  

For the rider, the Pegasus Butterfly design allows the seat to remain quiet, centered and balanced.  A smoother, more secure ride, better performance for both horse and rider are a welcome and significant advantage, and dramatically different from any other saddle in the marketplace.