Before First Use

Helpful Tips

  • The hinges on either side of the tree let your Pegasus® saddle adjust to fit any horse for width and shoulder angle.
  • If your horse has a large dip in their back or hollow behind the shoulders, or very high withers use the shims in the enclosed saddle pad to fill in those holes.
  • To work in the hinges on the saddle; put the saddle on your horse with the enclosed pocket pad or half-pad with a good cotton pad.
  • Walk your horse your horse on a loose rein for about 45 minutes to an hour this first time.  You will want to tighten the girth several times during this period.
  • It is important to remember that until the hinges work in, the saddle will not adjust 100 percent to each horse.  So you want to take your time that first day and work the hinges in correctly. You will know you have worked the hinges in correctly, as you will be able to put the saddle on most horses, even without a pad and the saddle will adjust, to fit the exact contours of the horse after about ten minutes of riding.

Once the hinges are worked in, you can go from horse to horse to horse and the saddle will fit each horse correctly after you tighten the girth straps.
Remember, it is the tightening of the girth straps that cause the saddle to adjust to fit your horse!

Until you tighten the girth, the saddle will just sit up high on the horse. Once you tighten the girth the saddle wraps around the horse (once the hinges are worked in) and then once your weight is in the saddle after about ten minutes it settles the rest of the way.

The advanced science in the padding and tree are similar to those in modern sneakers compared to old fashion canvas sneakers. The cutting edge materials combined with the luxury leather give your horse the best of traditional leather craftsmanship and modern technology.


Since you are closer to the horse, than you are in most other types of saddles if you follow these steps, you will maximize your comfort and ability to cue your horse correctly.

  1. Remove the front knee blocks, they are just held in with Velcro.
  2. Start the saddle (or saddle and pad if you are using a pad) halfway up the horses neck, slide it back so the front girth strap is just behind your horses front legs.  This ensures the hair on your horses back lays down smooth.
  3. Tighten your girth snug.  Be sure to keep it in approximately the same holes on each side. This keeps the pressure even on your horse.  Think of having your shoes laced the same for both feet.
  4. After you walk the horse a few minutes tighten the girth, then get on.
  5. Relax, and set your legs where they feel comfortable.  Often you will find this is 2 holes shorter than you normally ride.  Since Pegasus saddles have less bulk under your leg, you are not wrapping your leg over as much bulk as normal. So with shorter stirrups, your leg still goes down just as far: You are just not losing leg length because your leg has to go around the horse.
  6. After a few minutes and your stirrups feel good, have a ground person install the knee blocks. Remember, the knee blocks go in front of your legs, not under your legs.
    *You never want the knee blocks to push your leg off the horse.

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