Pegasus® Butterfly Bridles, Reins and Browbands

Pegasus® Butterfly bridles are made from high-quality, twice waxed bridle leather; they are double stitched and hand-crafted. For extreme comfort the wide head-piece is softly padded - it disperses the pressure and protects the sensitive area behind the ears.

Bridle and Browband

The expert for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Prof. Dr. Chen Zhang YI, developed a vegetable extract that is incorporated in the padding of the head-piece of all our snaffle and double bridles. It produces a calming effect on horse's that lasts about 2 years of normal use.The buckles of cheek pieces are positioned above the head-piece. The cheek-pieces are equipped with covered hooks (not for drop nosebands).

There are as many different styles of English reins as there are styles of English riding. Running reins and draw reins are typically used when your horse is behaving in an undesired manner. We offer a variety of high quality reins to choose from.

Add some glamour to your look with a dazzling Browband. Browbands can easily be changed depending on your style.  From chains to crystals, we offer a look sure to please you.