Pegasus Summary

Pegasus® Butterfly Saddles

Pegasus Technology Saddles can be summed up in one phrase:

Comfort = Performance

Pegasus Technology saddles are more comfortable for your horse!
Why your horse (and you) need Pegasus Technology for his/her comfort
and improved athletic performance!

A more comfortable horse performs better. Behaves Better! Pegasus Saddles adjust to your horse with every step. Therefore they fit your horse better and with each step, each collection, each extension your horses Pegasus saddle has just the right amount of houlder freedom and movement. This means a smoother, more secure ride. The hinges inside the front move just the right amount needed to give your horse freedom; which allows the seat to remain quiet, centered and balanced. More comfort and security for you and your horse! How Pegasus Saddles let your horse collect, extend, jump and move better and more comfortably.

The answer for horses with short backs! Click here to learn more