The Pegasus® Butterfly Saddle is the last saddle you will ever need! 

Because the tree is designed to fit on either side of the shoulders and automatically moves when your horse moves his or her shoulders your horse is always comfortable and free moving.

Modern science and technology has made the dream possible.

Enjoy better movement and more comfort for horse and rider thru a patented tree design exclusive to ever Pegasus® Butterfly Saddle.

  • Saddle's tri-dimensional frame self-adjusts to any horse
  • Saddle tree actually moves with your horse's action
  • No need to re-flock 
  • Perfect for horses with short backs
  • Unlike any other adjustable tree saddle, there are no bolts or screws to lost or broken. Simple brilliant design makes the Pegasus Butterfly saddle work.
  • The tree has two hinges on either side of your horses withers. One set of hinges adjusts the width of the front gullet exactly to your horse's width. The other set of hinges adjusts the angles on each side to your horse's exact angles. Each side's adjustment is independent of the other. Thus, the saddle fits automatically.
  • Saddle experts say there is also a 3rd dimension: vertical height, for example in a horse with a dropped (sway type) back or extremely high withers. For those two special features, the Pegasus Butterfly has its own special pad to give you that vertical height control.
  • The Pegasus® Butterfly saddle is designed to put your body in the same place as riding bareback. This is the natural correct place to be. With the center of gravity forward you and your horse will have a more well-balanced ride, taking pressure of your horse's back, reducing hock and back problems.
  • While the Pegasus® Butterfly saddle is a dream on every horse, for short backed horses and horse with extremely broad shoulders this saddle is especially spectacular.