How it allows your horse to move

How Pegasus® Saddles Allow your Horse Better Movement

In a regular saddle, a horse is effectively trying to lift you when the horse collects and engages their hind end. 

In a Pegasus® saddle when the horse lifts their back and engages the hind end the saddle flexes up a fraction: Just the right amount to give your horse extra freedom and back motion. Ideal to help horses with Kissing spine and hock/stifle and back issues. When a horse goes to collect and lift the front end the Pegasus systems become even more valuable for your horses comfort and performance.

While the center of the tree where you sit, stays correctly lined up; the “arms” at the front of the tree are molding to your horse' trapezius muscles. Each step, each collection, those arms are flexing just the right amount. Your horse can move each side independently without having to effectively have to move the riders weight at each step. This feature is of particular extra importance for horses with uneven backs and shoulders! (click here to go to see the inside view!)