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Pegasus® Butterfly Michael Putz Dressage Saddle

The Pegasus® Butterfly  Michael Putz models are equipped with short billets,  although longer billets can be ordered.
Comprehensive tests convinced Michael Putz of the Pegasus® Butterfly saddle tree. He says: ”I was riding the Pegasus® Butterfly on very different horses – and experienced great results, all the tests were really positive. My students all loved it. They noticed that the horses would quickly become relaxed and more trusting."

    • Colors: Black or Brown
    • Material: Naturally tanned leather from southern Germany and aniline dyed
    • Seat: 17" or 18" Semi-Deep
    • Saddle Tree: Pegasus® Butterfly
    • Billets: Tearproff LEMICO®
    • Blocks: fixed by Velcro
    • Piping matches with color of saddle


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