Pony Saddle Sale - 14 1/2" Pegasus Unicorn French - DEMO Model (#1101)

This is a demo saddle with some scratches and marks.

Utilizes Pegasus Unicorn Advanced Technology- The length, width, & points of this tree flex and conform around the horse’s shoulders and back with girthing and the rider’s weight. The tree follows the horses shape at rest and during each movement, providing freedom for the shoulder and maximum comfort! Incredible close contact feeling!

Pre-Broken in Leather- Repeat- Pre-Broken in Leather - THE FEEL OF A GREAT USED SADDLE - IN A BRAND NEW SADDLE!- BUY TODAY -SHOW TODAY!!

The panel configuration with a comfort gullet follows the line of the tree and does not interfere with the tree's movement while distributing the maximum amount of weight along it broad, soft CIRP/flocked combination panels

For down-to earth comfort, detailed workmanship, and downright luxury.

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