Pegasus® Show Jumping Saddles

Pegasus® Comfort Fit show jumping saddles are to your horse's back
what a great lightweight sneaker is to your foot!
Would you rather run, and jump in dress shoes or high quality sneakers?  
The answer is obvious.  Your horse deserves the same comfort you do!

Inside Pegasus® Comfort Fit saddles concealed hinges flex to fit your horse perfectly at every step: This flex means your Pegasus® saddle feels like a lightweight comfortable sneaker: Remember a saddle on your horses back is like a shoe on your foot: even a good fitting regular saddle is like a stiff dress shoe: comfortable but not maximized for athletic performance.

What this all means is that when your horse lifts and tucks to go over a big fence, your horse can move more freely than in non Pegasus® saddles. In addition to giving your horse more shoulder room when lifting his/her front end.  Pegasus® Comfort Fit saddles also make it easier for your horses to collect and engage their hind ends.